Check if the bank has underestimated the commission refund with early loan repayment

This situation has improved. Some banks started paying commissions to clients after making a complaint. However, it should be noted that each bank has its own policy of making such returns because the CJEU’s provision does not specify the mathematical formula for refunding part of the commission.

Banks also interpret returns policy differently. One bank gives funds to all customers, another only for those loans that were repaid after September 11, and another since the material view of Good Finance and the Financial Ombudsman regarding commission refunds.

Banks use the return calculation methods

Banks use the return calculation methods

They have developed to minimize the costs of the CJEU judgment. Banks should use the proportional method. However, some banks use the capital-weighted method. Others have invented and named other methods. Cites the act on the policy of including commissions in revenues.

The customer in all this does not know how much money he should get. And SKOK or the bank is convinced that if something “loose”, the client will unhook.
In most loans, the commission was credited. So if the commission was reimbursable, should the interest accrued on this commission also be refunded?

If we borrow money from the bank, the bank charges us interest. And what happens when the bank is in arrears with money? As the most – the only question is when do you calculate these interest rates? The answer, unfortunately, is ambiguous. Only a few banks pay interest in the complaint procedure. Banks would not pay interest at all, however, the courts most often plant interest:
– from loan repayment
– from the loan repayment date minus 15 days (it results from the banking law that the bank should settle accounts with us within 14 days)
– from the moment of requesting the overdue funds – i.e. e.g. from the day of sending the request for payment

Doubts about whether the bank accounts for your refund correctly?


You must know that banks settle accounts partly with the client, reducing their costs in such a way as not to expose them to high penalties of Good Finance. They prefer to pay something to show Good Finance that they are implementing the CJEU’s decision. And they don’t want to pay it all out. Therefore, use our consultation and we will verify whether you have received everything you deserve from the bank!

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Take out online credit from 4.5% – small loan & instant loan.

Available loan types for borrower

Available loan types for borrower

There is a wide range of loan types with which the borrower can quickly borrow money from a bank. There are various types of credit available, from which you can choose the right model.

  • Personal loan: This is a consumer loan for private individuals, which should not be confused with a loan from private to private. It usually does not exceed the sum of a few thousand and is suitable for private purchases such as a car or furniture.
  • Instant loan: Getting a loan immediately is prohibited under the Swiss Consumer Credit Act. An instant loan would be particularly advantageous if, for example, you have to pay an important debt on a certain date and you still lack the necessary amount at the moment. However, the legislator provides for a two-week waiting period before payment to impose a reflection period on the borrower and to prevent Switzerland-wide debt. After all, our 24-hour response guarantee is very good for you. This will immediately determine whether you will receive the desired amount and a reasonably quick loan is possible.
  • Small loan: When it comes to a small loan amount, one speaks of small loan in Switzerland. The loan amount usually amounts to only a few hundreds or small thousands and serves to bridge a financial bottleneck during the course. It is therefore suitable as a quick loan for the settlement of, for example, an unplanned additional payment or the like.
  • Cash loan: A cash loan covers the entire credit line and primarily relates to the type of payment. It is to be regarded as a name for all forms of loans, including the online loan. However, nowadays you don’t get a cash payment from reputable credit institutions, instead the loan payment is made by transfer to a private account at the borrower’s bank.
  • Online credit: If you wanted to take out a loan until a few years ago, then a visit to a regional bank branch was inevitable. With digitization, the possibilities for borrowing have changed and nowadays it is faster and cheaper to apply for a small loan online.
  • Consumer credit: The consumer credit is a loan that can be used for personal wishes. In other words, to increase your own standard of living, to bridge a dry spell in the financial area or the like.

In itself, it is also divided into different categories for what a loan is intended for:

In itself, it is also divided into different categories for what a loan is intended for:

  • Loans for private customers: This is a loan for people who do not do business. There are fixed principles regarding effective annual interest rates and the price regulation. As with any loan, an age of majority is absolutely necessary. This form of personal loan has a subdivision:
    • Acquisition loan (see consumer loan)
    • Training loan (to finance training)
    • Car loan (as an alternative to leasing when buying a vehicle in Switzerland)
    • Guarantee credit (for the assumption of guarantees or sureties)
    • Building loan or building finance (for the construction, renovation, acquisition of real estate, usually with a long term, since the amount is usually very high)
    • Mortgage loan (special form of cash credit)
    • Pre-financing (provisional as final financing is not yet clear)
    • Continuing education loan (to finance continuing vocational training)
    • Securities loan (loan on securities)
    • Interim financing (for the repayment of residual amounts such as the final fee for real estate loans)
  • SME loan immediately for business customers: Here, different rules apply to the process, the granting and the course of the loan. This is not least due to the fact that no private individuals make use of the loan here, but rather so-called “full traders”, who have a purely business project in mind with the loan. It is therefore not to be regarded as a direct personal loan.

Depending on the type of loan you choose, the process is different. As a rule, all loans are designed in a similar way and you get the small loan relatively quickly if the required creditworthiness is fulfilled as a prerequisite. You only get a cheap loan if you don’t set the loan amount too high and also set the installments over a longer period of time. It is generally advisable to always carry out a credit comparison in order to get the best conditions.

Annual interest rate with a net loan – calculate how much you can borrow

The employee will contact you immediately to make an appointment to sign the contract. Instant online confirmation and fast payment; manageable, fixed rates; early repayment possible; Use for loan repayment. Calculate online now and apply directly. On our website you will find various calculators that will help you with your decision. The nominal interest is calculated according to the so-called “savings bank formula”.

Ensuring favorable interest rates

Ensuring favorable interest rates

With our Savings Bank Sprint loan, you can significantly reduce the repayment term – up to full repayment within the fixed interest period. For customers without prior knowledge, it is not easy to find a suitable mortgage for their living situation. We will gladly assist you in finding the right financing option for your financial situation and lifestyle.

At this point, we provide you with a series of calculators that will guide you through the initial estimation of your financing needs. A personal interview with a detailed examination of your financing options does not replace them.

Developers funding

Developers funding

Determine what additional costs you have and specify how much capital is available to you. You quickly get a sense of whether you can afford the monthly installment at all. Fixed interest rate 1.63%, annual percentage 1,64% plus land registry and building insurance. Repayment 2%, 439 monthly installments of 151.25 each (interest and repayment), fixed interest rate 10 years, term until 30.09.2054. Offers subject to confirmation.

You can spend so much money.

You can spend so much money.

The following calculator shows you at a glance how much money you spend on your holiday home with your warm rent. Note: The calculation has been made on the basis of accepted conditions, which may vary depending on personal situation and condition change. Example: 2.17% annual interest rate with a net loan amount of USD 100,000 and mortgage security with a borrowing rate of 2.15% pa for 10 years, plus application for land parcel registration and building protection.

Planning Calculator – Calculation of the planning interest for overdrafts

Planning Calculator - Calculation of the planning interest for overdrafts

The MRP calculator calculates the accumulated MRP interest and, if applicable, further MRP interest for an overdraft facility. With the disposition calculator current account interest for a current account credit – popularly called overdraft or overdraft or Überziehungskredit – calculated. The basis for calculation is the account overdraft amount, the overdraft period and the discount interest rate.

In the case of a bank overdraft facility, a differentiation is made between the overdraft facility granted by the bank holding the account as the overdraft facility and a tolerated overdraft facility, allowing various interest rates to be set and applied. If the disposition amount is greater than the current account credit granted, the interest will be calculated according to the discount rate for the part up to this line, while the percentage of other overdraft overdrafts will be applied for the additional part of the overdraft facility.

With the planning calculator, you can either enter the interest days directly for the overdraft period of the account or the exact date range. German interest rate method 30/360, USD interest rate method act / 360, English interest rate method act / 365 and the daily interest rate method act / act.