Credit card with fuel discount.

In addition to cashless payment, a credit card now often offers the opportunity to save money by refueling when refueling. You can find out how these discount programs work and what you can really save here:

The credit card tank discount system works in a very simple way and is identical for almost all credit card providers – except for the amount of the tank discount:
For every fuel bill that the cardholder pays, he receives a discount. The discount is granted regardless of the petrol station. Depending on the card provider, this discount is between 1% and 5% of the sales amount.

A condition for receiving the discount is that the fuel bill was paid with the credit card. The fuel discount is usually posted back monthly to the customer’s credit card account. The advantage of this discount system is, of course, the savings in fuel costs. However, the following example briefly explains how high the savings actually are.

Sample calculation for the tank discount

Sample calculation for the tank discount

The fuel discounts are almost always limited to the extent that the cardholder does not receive the discount on an unlimited amount of fuel bills, but usually there is a limit of 200 to 300 USD per month.

Anyone who now travels an average of 1,500 kilometers per month and therefore refuels around 90 liters per month, pays around 140 USD for petrol per month, which is around 1,700 USD a year. With a discount of 2%, you would save 34 USD per year. If the limit of a maximum of 200 USD per month is reached, a maximum of 48 USD per year could be saved due to the tank discount.

What should be considered regarding the discounts?

What should be considered regarding the discounts?

In addition to the possible price savings as an advantage, the credit card with a tank discount can also have a disadvantage. Many consumers only see the possibility of saving money while refueling, but do not consider the further conditions of the cards.

If, for example, the annual fee for the credit card is relatively high or if relatively high fees are charged for foreign orders, the savings from the discount can quickly disappear. It should therefore be noted that in addition to the tank discounts, you should always pay attention to the other credit card conditions, especially since the discount is almost always limited anyway.

The bottom line is that a credit card with a fuel discount can be worthwhile if you can make the most of the discount and the other card conditions are not unfavorable. This is the only way to really save money when refueling.

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